Welcome to the Intellectual Creative Artistic Ring of United Students. (Name still up for alternative suggestions, as long as they meet the ICARUS criteria.)
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 What's this forum about?

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What's this forum about? Empty
PostSubject: What's this forum about?   What's this forum about? EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 8:25 am

Good night to you all! Gather around the campfire, because it's story time.
So once upon a time, not actually that long ago, there was this awesome forum on the interwebs: It was called Artist Bestiary and though it wasn't the most active forum, the people on it were super cool.

Then tragedy struck, and for several reasons the forum was closed down and the users were very sad that they no longer had a place to post awesome stuff.

So then two users decided to make a new place where everyone could come together again to make awesome stuff et voila! Here it is :)

But that is not the whole story...

Because, you see, once upon a time there was a (different) group of people that went to a(n actual real life) place once a week to make awesome stuff and they were looking for a (virtual) place to keep contact while they were spread out all over the country. For this purpose they made a facebook group, and called it the "Intellectual Creative Artistic Ring of United Students" or ICARUS for short.

However, facebook isn't all that great for a lot of the stuff they would want to do, so then two people of the group decided to make a new (virtual) place where everyone of the group could come together at any time they wanted to make awesome stuff. Et voilá!

Here it is: ICARUS+(all the awesome people from Artist Bestiary)


Without the sillyness now: Welcome to ICARUS+!
Sundews (Loes) and I (Lineke) were very sad to see Artist Bestiary go, so we decided to launch a new forum.

Now, it is very important to understand that this isn't Artist Bestiary: it's a cool forum where everyone can come and post/talk about creative stuff and what not, there is no specific subject to the forum like there was at AB.

This forum is also not exclusively for people that came from AB. Hopefully, some people from ICARUS(1.0) will also come to this forum. We (Loes, Anne, Stefan and I if I'm not mistaken) know these people in RL.
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What's this forum about?
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